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Be The Change is a consulting program to help communities successfully implement effective and life-changing programs for at-risk youth

“Be The Change” provides a unique service-to-work program model giving early invention to the often overlooked at-risk middle school population, ages 11-14. This program teaches kids the importance of a positive attitude, allows them to develop the necessary work ethic to make them successful, shows them how to work with a team, and provides them with a sense of confidence and increased self-worth.

“Be the Change” provides an established program model tailored to meet your individual community needs, on-site hands-on assistance in marketing the program to your community, weekly phone/web consultation, and also onsite assistance during your  program launch.  

“Be The Change” will work side-by-side with communities through the entire program development process, if requested, and will provide communities  with all of the tools that are needed for their program to be successful

Up to a 3 year commitment can be guaranteed by “Be The Change” to ensure not only a successful program launch, but to help ensure long-term success and program stability for generations to come.

“Be The Change” also offers additional programming for older youth as they eventually  transition out of middle school. “We Are The Change” programming will allow continued support and contact with the youth through these crucial years.  In addition, incentives will be given for youth to stay in school and to even receive specialized training/education following their high school graduation.  

A number of different packages are offered to meet your communities individualized need.  Contact us today to learn more about package options for program start-ups.

“Some of these kids give up because no one expects them to be successful.

This programming gives them someone to believe in them, and not just hope they do well, but expect them to do well!  I’ve seen it firsthand. Kids live up to your expectations! These kids need hope, and your community can provide that to them!”


 Amy Vaughn, Founder

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