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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Amy's unique and bold leadership style will help non-profits, churches or individuals take the lead in doing good.  Even though the task is daunting, her unique and fun-loving personality will make the journey enjoyable along the way.  

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She will leave a lasting footprint on each community that chooses to benefit from her leadership and knowledge.  

For over 13 years, Amy served as Program Director for the Hannibal pre-employment/service learning training program for at-risk middle school aged kids called “Kids in Motion.” During that time, she developed a unique process of combining service with workforce readiness instruction, and the results were tremendous. She assisted in replicating the concept in two new communities, and also developed a continuation of that program for high school aged kids, called “Teens in Motion.”  That process allowed caring adults to have influence in the lives of these kids all the way through high school graduation.

Amy has learned, firsthand, how to develop and run service-to-work programs, and with her experience and guidance, can easily teach others to do the same.  While the “Be The Change” program differs from the programs she was previously involved in, teaching kids the importance of respect, hard work and giving back remains the same. Her personal beliefs and convictions have been her guiding force, and even in the midst of a world that says “the problems are too big to tackle” she is optimistic and resolute.  Her bold vision and can-do personality , are what have made her successful, and she wants to share and motivate others to develop that same mindset.

It’s time for communities to look seriously at the drug problems, crime issues, and the poverty in their community, and actively do something to make a difference.  “Be The Change” will walk with you every step of the way to do just that! Our kids need you, your community needs you. Don’t wait for someone else to do it. If you think your community needs this program, pick up the phone and begin a conversation with “Be The Change” today!

Read more about Amy here!

  • 13 years service as Program Director of Kids in Motion - where, under her leadership, grew significantly and flourished

  • Successfully replicated Kids in Motion in 2 separate communities in 2008, and they continue to positively impact their communities today

  • Founded, developed and implemented a brand new program called "Teens in Motion" - launched in 2016

  • Received a Congressional Medal of Merit for replicating the program

  • Motivating and inspiring others with her can-do attitude

  • Extremely passionate about doing good

  • Fundraising

  • Grant Writing (and just writing in general)

  • Leadership/Management

  • Marketing

  • Public Relations

  • Networking

  • And the ability to laugh along the way 

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