A program for at-risk/disadvantaged middle school aged youth, written and designed by Amy Vaughn, Be The Change For Your Community Founder and Consultant

The program consists of organized, structured and supervised service opportunities for the kids Monday-Thursday's during the summer months, and at least one structured and planned service project during the school year 

Set expectations and feedback are given to participants in regards to their attitude and behavior during those service experiences.

Criteria is set to allow the youth to qualify for incentives and rewards tied directly to their attitude and performance.   

Those meeting expectations will qualify for "Friday Fun Days" during the summer program - which consist of both monetary and fun experiences designed to enhance and motivate the kids towards success.  

Other special incentives will be used throughout the school year for those completing monthly projects

This program will help your kids by allowing them to:

  • Develop and learn a strong sense of work ethic and responsibility

  • Give back to others through service

  • Recognize their own potential

  • Envision a broader vision of future possibilities

  • Learn the importance of wise decision making

  • And see first-hand, how much their own community cares for and values them



In turn, communities benefit by:

  • Having youth engaged in meaningful service projects that benefit the community

  • Lowered crime and drug related incidents

  • Higher graduation rates

  • And stronger kids, families and workforces for tomorrow



Be the Change will provide written, on-site, and web/phone based services to help your community develop and launch your program. To learn more about how you can bring this program to your community, please contact us today! 

"I believe this type of programming to be the most inspirational that exists for

the young teens living in any community worldwide. It grows tomorrow’s leaders while meeting the needs of today.  I was always the shyest kid in the group and would never say a single word to anyone. Being able to participate in a program taught me to open up and communicate. This has allowed me to get so involved in the community and even given me international experience in “Service Above Self.". Without this concept, I think I would still be shy and definitely wouldn’t have been able to participate in so many opportunities that have opened up for me to serve others." 

— Chadwick, 
Past Service To Work Program Participant

"The program I was a part of gave me a head start in life.  At the age of 12, I had the opportunity to learn what it meant to work hard, be dependable, respect my supervisors, and how to manage my money.   I am thankful that I was given this head start. After program, I continued to use these skills in every job I had. At the age of 21 I bought my own house. Now at the age of 25,  I have a family and work as a heavy equipment mechanic."

— Cody, 
Past Service To Work Program Participant


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